‘Enlightening’ lives for more than a decade.

We have strived and grown in the ever-competitive construction field of the Kingdom for more than two decades which is why you can depend on our expertise in the fields and services we provide to you. Our vast experience has taught us to analyse and find out solutions that work best for your structures and spaces -be it interiors, exteriors, facades, landscapes, or any other. We excel in making your projects comfortable by utilizing the proper lighting fixtures that are cost-efficient, energy-saving, and architecturally beautiful. 


At HRFA, we are open to what is new and innovative through our continous strive and research for new ideas and technologies that increase the efficiency and viability of lighting solutions to our clients. We are partnered with leading global brands in the field to provide products that are on par with global standards. Our experienced team of technicians and engineers are experts in the installation, servicing, and maintenance of lighting fixtures and setups. They can get your job done in the most perfect way possible. This has earned us the reputation of being one of the top lighting solutions provider in the region, along with our trusted clientele for over 16 years.



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