One of the biggest challenges for retailers is to increase sales per square foot while decreasing costs at the same time. Traditionally, retailers used to answer this challenge with improved store layouts, new store designs, traffic flow control, music, color, special seasons decorations and also lighting. However, with retailing coming of age, companies discovered that lighting is an essential element and could not just be based on gut feeling. It became a specialized element.

Requirements of lighting include: attracting attention, creating interest, creating an atmosphere, visual guidance, integration with sales strategy and flexibility.

Each shop has a different image to convey and different product to sell. Every aspect of a shop should be carefully lighted with its clientele in mind. Lighting allows the retailer to define his outlet's image. The general atmosphere of a retail outlet and the way the goods are presented are vital to positively influence the behavior of a shopper as it contributes to the creation of the mood. Lighting must not only facilitate interest and orientation but be designed in such a way as to constantly underline and reinforce the character of the outlet.

HRFA Lighting Solutions, along with its strategic partners and suppliers provide high-quality, energy-efficient lighting systems and solutions that can help add to a retailer's competitive advantage by attracting more customers and reducing operating costs, which directly helps the company's bottom line.