Nowadays, facade lighting does not only help to localize buildings and provide security, but also plays a key role in architectural development projects to creatively illuminate the night sky with remarkable images.

In today's world it is imperative to have a good external illumination design for the built environment to enhance the beauty of the civil or architectural structure in place to recognize, symbolize and highlight the importance of buildings.

In architectural façade lighting, this light must accent key features of your building’s architectural façade.  Light layers must also occasionally blend with other layers of light to create warm fields of luminance.  Finally, shadows also play a much more important role in façade lighting than you may assume at first glance.  Without interplay of light and shadow, the front of your building would look flat if lit only by a single layer of bright light that canvassed its entire surface with no variance.

HRFA's team has international expertise in the field of façade lighting. HRFA lighting solutions, products and designs help you convey your architectural message. If you are the owner of a large custom home or building, we help you bring out the full majesty of its form.  HRFA lighting specialists can illuminate your home with a variety of light sources to showcase the architecture and surrounding landscape.