Lighting is consistently listed as one of the handful of environmental factors that contribute to a well-designed hospital facility. The idea that the hospital environment plays a role in healing has become more main-stream in the past few years.  Researches indicate that health facility design has a significant positive impact not only on subjective measure such as patient satisfaction and staff morale, but also on objective measures such as medical error rates, infection rates, staff turnover, patient length-of-stay and, ultimately, financial performance.

At a hospital, the lighting demands are complex, and the need is for unique solutions that benefit both staff and patients.

Enhanced aesthetics incorporated into fixture design, as well as the ability for the luminaire to light architecture details, are certainly important. On the other hand, patient-perceived quality of light and the effects on a healing environment are a critical factor. Lighting can and does contribute to improved patient outcomes as well as improved facility safety.

At HRFA, we understand that effective lighting is a merger between art and science. With in-depth knowledge of lighting trends, HRFA provides healthcare lighting solutions with comfort, flexibility and energy-efficiency in mind. HRFA is sensitive to the challenges healthcare facilities are facing today and we products that maximize energy efficiency, occupy less space, and are adaptable to different environments.

From lobbies to exterior applications, and everything in between, HRFA has lighting solutions to meet the specific requirements of hospitals, surgery centers, MRI facilities, and other healthcare environments.