To fully realize your investment in both your people and your facility, don’t overlook the importance of quality lighting. Lighting is the most important part of office physical conditions.Light has a significant impact on our performance in the workplace. Research shows conclusively that when you get it right, a quality lighting program can boost productivity and performance, reduce fatigue and eyestrain, and increase an organization’s opportunity for success.

Proper lighting is essential because it increases the rate of output, it ensures better quality of work, it helps in the reduction of fatigue, and it helps in improving the morale of employees. In addition, it ensures high prestige of the firm.

Proper lighting involves sufficient amount of light, proper distribution and diffusion, absence of glare, freedom from fluctuation and freedom from injurious invisible radiations.

Depending on HRFA's team expertise and the availability of innovative office lighting solutions and products, we can help you bring unique and valuable skills to the design process in order to increase your organization’s opportunity for success.

In HRFA we believe that lighting is about meeting the individual’s needs. When people see well and feel better they work more effectively, and when people are more effective, your organization is more effective.